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Medical Equipment Cables

Medical Cable / Lab EquipmentMedical electronic equipment and applications  such as laboratory analysis equipment, patient monitoring networks, hospital equipment, MRI, radiology, etc. demand the latest innovations in medical cable design and the ultimate in reliability.

Medical Cable AssemblyWe have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing complex medical equipment cables and harness assemblies to customer spec

. This makes it possible for us to bring to bear extensive  engineering and production capabilities on each and every  one of our customer projects.



 Throughout the prototyping and production  phases, meticulous attention is being paid to strict electrical  and mechanical performance requirements. We utilize advanced  equipment and tooling, and manufacture our products using the best  available material ,  able to withstand the everyday wear and tear of the health  care environment. Our goal is to provide to you, our customer,  cable interconnects that maintain their reliability, electrically,  and remain flexible, supple and aesthetically pleasing. Our  specialty is low  to medium volume medical cables, wiring harness assemblies, and prototypes.

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