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To Your Specifications

We design and produce cable products to meet customer specifications.

Since the start of our cable manufacturing operations, we have focused on a broad spectrum of cables and  adapters to supplythe specific needs of our customers.Custom Cable Assembly

Today we are manufacturing and marketing all of the following types of custom cable assemblies, in both PVC and Plenum:

Category 5 patch cords
Fiber Assembly Cables
RS232, RS422 & RS449  multi-conductor
25 pair Telco
V. 35 Interface cables
SCSI1, SCSI2 & SCSI3 cables
IBM cabling system
T1 cables
AUI Transceiver cables


We use only the highest quality cable and components and the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our highly skilled  manufacturing and engineering staff ensures the highest quality solutions to all your interconnect requirements, from the standard to the most custom and demanding.

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