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Ever  since the start of our cable assembly manufacturing operations,  we have focused on providing our customers engineering, cable  design and pinout support to help make today's connectivity  puzzle a bit easier. As a result we stand out in the industry  as a manufacturer that provides more than just products. WE  PROVIDE SOLUTIONS.


When interconnecting computers and peripherals or performing  network installations, it is frequently necessary to interface  devices that communicate using different protocols. In all  those cases either a "live" protocol converter or  a cleverly engineered adapter cable is required.

We have the engineering expertise to provide you with precisely  the solution you need and save you the expense of purchasing  matching routers, DSUs, etc. We offer a wide range of protocol  converter cables and adapters such as:

    V.35 to RS530 Converter Cables
    V.35 to RS449/422 Cables
    RS530 to RS449/442 Cables
    RS530 to X.21 Cables
    X.21 to V.35
    VGA to Apple Video Converters
    USB to Serial / SCSI / 10/100BaseT

Just tell us your requirements and our expert engineering team will provide you with the most cost effective solution for your protocol conversion challenge.

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