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We specialize in manufacturing cable ASSEMBLIES and electromechanical wire HARNESSES for the Computer, Electronics, Communications, Automotive and Medical Industries. With our zero-defect quality program in place and the most advanced manufacturing techniques & tooling we offer high domestic qualityat surprisingly low prices. Octopus Cables

Here are just some of the most popular product types and services we offer to our customers:

 Copper Assemblies & Harnesses (PVC or Plenum):

Hi-Grade Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 Cables
Gigabit Ethernet Cables
V.35, RS449/422, RS530, T1, T3 Router Cables
SCSI1, SCSI2, SCSI3 & LVD cables
Custom OEM Equivalent Cables
25-pair Telco Cable Assemblies
IBM Cabling Systems
Super VGA Cable, HD15 to BNC Coaxial Cables, Twinax and Multi-Conductor Assemblies
Ribbon Cables
MII, AUI Transceiver cables
USB & Firewire Cables
Audio/Video Cables
RS-232 Serial Cables
Apple Compatible Cables
Specialty Cable Assemblies
Instrumentation Cables (IEEE 488)
Power Cables


Wire and Cable Harness Manufacturing

We are a leading supplier of wire, cable and harness assemblies.From the  simplest ground strap to the most intricate harness, we have the experience necessary to satisfy all your harness design, prototyping and manufacturing requirements:

Automotive Harnesses
Medical Equipment Cables
Power Supply Harnesses
Electromechanical Wire Harnesses
Custom Video Cables
Alarm Cables
Flat-Ribbon Cables
Custom Spec Cables & Harnesses

Fiber Patch Cords and Extended Length Assemblies:

Multimode and Singlemode Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Simplex, Duplex and Multi-fiber
ST, SC, FC, MTRJ, MU, SMA, Biconic
Pre-terminated Pigtails, Patch Cords, Hybrids
Multi Fiber with Pulling Eyes
Plastic Fiber


Fiber Cables All are 100% optically tested.

We can build your cable assembly precisely to your specified fiber type, cable length and connector required.

The Highest Quality Standards:

We use only the highest quality componentsand cable and the most advanced manufacturingequipment and tooling. Our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff is deeply involved to our Zero-Defects  quality program and totally committed to our ultimate goal, YOUR complete satisfaction

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